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This is a new feature to our web site.  Below you will find events that are open to all ironworkers (unless otherwise noted).  If you would like your function posted on this website please send your event information along with any contact information to Mike Loftus.  

Derrick Marine Benefit

Help Brother Derrick during his recovery from a Craniotomy & Autoimmune Disease.  Click the link to donate to his  GoFundMe page.  https://www.gofundme.com/2gueg7w

Join "Annie's Fight" -- The True Spirit of a 512 Ironworker

UPDATE Jan 2016--Annie is standing!! Keep fighting!!
For nine years (seven hours short of full benefits) our sister was a proud Iron Worker.  She worked with our brothers, John and Eric and they all worked for my dad, Ole Wilner.   Ole is the former owner of Mid-Central Steel based out Minnesota.  My father owned Mid Central Steel for 35 years and both my brothers continue to work Iron.  Because of the wear and tear on Annie's body, she reluctantly had to leave her chosen career.  Since then she has had several surgeries on her spine at the locations of C4 and C5.  She was told if she ever even had a small accident, she could be paralyzed.  Then, our family's nightmare had come true.   Click HERE to read more about our courageous ironworker sister