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Annie's Fight

Annie and niece RachelFor nine years (seven hours short of full benefits) our sister was a proud Iron Worker.  She worked with our brothers, John and Eric and they all worked for my dad, Ole Wilner.   Ole is the former owner of  Mid Central Steel based out Minnesota.  My father owned Mid Central Steel for 35 years and both my brothers continue to work Iron.  Because of the wear and tear on Annie's body, she reluctantly had to leave her chosen career.  Since then she has had several surgeries on her spine at the locations of C4 and C5.  She was told if she ever even had a small accident, she could be paralyzed.  Our family's nightmare had come true.


We are writing to you to tell you the story of our sister Annie Wilner-Miller.  On January 4th, 2015 Annie sustained a fracture to her C3 and C4 vertebrae and spinal cord that unexpectedly and suddenly left her paralyzed from the shoulders down. After a few days in Surgical Intensive Care Unit at Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis, Annie (along with her family) heard that her condition is permanent and then, later that day, Annie decided to fight for her life.  Annie’s family was informed that she would never breathe on her own. Her new world consisted of working hard to prove the experts wrong. Within days, she was able to breathe without the ventilator for hours at a time.  Today she is breathing 100%!  


We are a strong, faithful family.  We are competitive and hard working.  How can you not be when you are growing up in an Iron Working environment?  Our father is a veteran and Annie's husband Paul is a retired veteran of 20 years and 1 month.  Every time the doctors tell us something negative about our sister's condition, we prove them wrong.  Annie proves them wrong.  The medical team working with Annie currently has told us that we are ahead of schedule in her journey.  Her family and her loving community will fight Annie's fight with her.  


We are currently working on raising funds for our sister.  There is a benefit being planned in her small community of Cosmos, MN.  Our cousins have created a gofundme.com site under the name of "Annie's Fight". To be perfectly honest, we really don't know what we are asking you for.  What we do know is we need to raise awareness for Annie and her journey.  We are looking for donations in any amount to ensure that Annie's environment will be suitable for us to bring her back to her family and her farm.  


Thank you so much for taking the time and reading our letter.  We invite you to follow Annie’s progress daily at caringbridge.com;  under the name of Annie Wilner-Miller.  Her story is amazing and she is beating the odds everyday.  Our sister is a true fighter. 


Sue Goldschmidt and Joan Solem