The Next Membership Meeting is Tuesday 5/23/17 @ 6:30pm


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If you have questions regarding insurance or medical coverage, pension or hours worked, please contact Wilson McShane.  Information is below.  If you call the Hall, you will be told to contact Wilson McShane.

Contact Barb for Pension Information; Melissa for Hours Of Work Information; Colleen or Amanda for Medical Info

Twin City Iron Workers Fringe Funds
Wilson-McShane Corporation
Fund Administrators
3001 Metro Drive - Suite 500
Bloomington, MN 55425
Phone: 952-854-0795 : Fax: 952-854-1632 : Toll Free: 800-535-6373


If you have questions regarding training, apprenticeship, or joining our union, use the form below to contact the Apprentice/Training Center.

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If you have questions regarding other union matters, please use the form below to contact the Hall in St. Paul.

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